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Lacy Anderson , Executive Assistant to the Founder

Lacy AndersonA stay at home farm mom with no formal dance training of any kind, Lacy found firedancing by accident. She really didn't need or want another hobby in her life - so she wasn't really terribly interested when her sister presented her with a set of poi. She tried to spin a few circles, and unable to get her planes straight, put them down in frustration.

The next week Lacy tried the poi again and found them a little easier to use. After seeing the three-beat overhand weave, her interest was piqued and she was determined to master this new hobby. Lacy picked up on new moves and found she was getting them quickly and keeping up with her sister who was taking lessons and teaching her what she learned in class. As her skill level grew, her interest in the art also continued to grow.

A few months later Lacy's sister emailed her a few videos of Isa spinning poi, and that cemented her determination to honing this newfound talent. She wanted to be that good! The two of them have been taking classes together at the Temple of Poi ever since.

Lacy has drawn on her years as an exotic dancer to work with her body and fire tools to bring about a spectacular show. Recently discovering fire fingers, she is taking her skills to a new level. Only seven months into her poi training, she is already working on her first choreography piece. She finds herself drawn to the Temple of Poi community for the positive environment that is provided to everyone and anyone no matter your skill level or who you are. Her desire to get involved has resulted in her taking on the role of Executive Assistnt to the Founder.


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"Spinning and dancing with poi has opened a door to a joyful discovery of feeling and experiencing my body in space, movement and rhythm.  Thank you for providing me this opportunity through your school and teachings!  I am lucky to have you in my life!"
~K. Keating; January, 2008

"This evolution (of Temple of Poi) must be amazingly exciting for you. I think it is entirely appropriate, by the way, that the name is
Temple of Poi
and not just
School of Poi.
You are building/growing something really great. Right on. :-)"

~L. Daykin; March, 2005

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