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Isa "GlitterGirl" Isaacs

Jim "Sparky" Rudoff

Bevin "Meco" Bernal

Ellen "Sowelu" Butensky

Becky "Paramour" Cook

Erol "Zihni" Efendioglu

Angela Poland

Savanna "Savannaramma" Breese

Waldemar Horwat



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Safety warning: Temple of Poi hereby informs you of your individual responsibility to seek adequate knowledge and safety information to qualify you to spin fire. You are advised to seek appropriate educational knowledge on fire tools and safety techniques, including but not limited to safety precautions; legality of fire permits in your local jurisdiction; appropriate fuel storage, containment, and transport; safety personnel and fire equipment extinguishment; fire tool disposal; and all other aspects of fire safety as related to fire dancing.


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Flowology Mindset
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"Spinning and dancing with poi has opened a door to a joyful discovery of feeling and experiencing my body in space, movement and rhythm.  Thank you for providing me this opportunity through your school and teachings!  I am lucky to have you in my life!"
~K. Keating; January, 2008

"This evolution (of Temple of Poi) must be amazingly exciting for you. I think it is entirely appropriate, by the way, that the name is
Temple of Poi
and not just
School of Poi.
You are building/growing something really great. Right on. :-)"

~L. Daykin; March, 2005

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Information on Fire Dancing Lessons

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