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Frequently Asked Questions

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Going Professional


Poi Flowology(tm) On Safety

How long should I practice?

How do I know when I am good?

Who cares about the structure of poi?

What is poi?


What is Flow?

What is the Flowology Mindset(tm)?

Is poi a meditation or a performance?

How can I be good if someone else is better?

Why use a flow journal?


Won't I get burned?

Isn't playing with fire dangerous?

Can I drink and play with fire?

Read About

Safety warning: Temple of Poi hereby informs you of your individual responsibility to seek adequate knowledge and safety information to qualify you to spin fire. You are advised to seek appropriate educational knowledge on fire tools and safety techniques, including but not limited to safety precautions; legality of fire permits in your local jurisdiction; appropriate fuel storage, containment, and transport; safety personnel and fire equipment extinguishment; fire tool disposal; and all other aspects of fire safety as related to fire dancing.



The School The Community Going Professional

Why take classes?

Why take classes at Temple of Poi?

Aren't there other places that are cheaper?

Aren't all Temple of Poi Classes indoor in small studios?

Can I makeup a class?

I'm new and don't know anyone. Won't I feel like an outsider?

How do I meet community members?

I'm haven't taken any classes yet but I'm interested in the community. Is that okay?

I've played with other fire artists and noticed a lot of ego elsewhere, but heard you guys aren't like that. Why is that?


How much should I get paid?

How do I get gigs?

How do I get insurance?



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"I started class with you on Thursday. I loved it - thank you. I was practicing the exercises and was intrigued by the weave prep. Prior to the 1st class I got part of the weave [...] so I started to wonder what the over/underhand thing was about. I got a glimpse of something and then proceeded to bonk myself in the head a couple of times almost breaking my glasses. In other words, I was trying really really hard. Then the most magical thing happened. I took my glasses off. With the world slightly out of focus and a little bit softer - I started to spin the poi and the weave clicked. Oh my God - what an incredible feeling. I started to cry - total release. I share this with you so know the impact you have on the world. And to say thank you."

~ K. White Slye; October, 2004

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Information on Fire Dancing Lessons

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